The installation of prefabricated guestrooms

Work report for Dixence Resort project: installation of prefabricated timber hotel rooms

Works 2019

We have now completed the first two apartment buildings : Aiguilles Rouges & Tête Blanche, which is an achievement in itself, and establishes the architecture of the complex, allowing one to imagine the sense of place that will be created by the whole.

Prefabricated timber hotel rooms - modubois sa

While construction works were going full tilt on site, the timber hotel bedrooms were under fabrication in a workshop,  and are now completely finished, bathrooms and all and ready to be lifted into place and “plugged in” in Hérémence.

Progress report

We broke ground at the end of 2016. Little by little the excavation work started to change the form of the landscape, with  slopes and terraces creating the seat from which the thermal centre and hotel complex could evolve.