The Pyramids of Euseigne in the Val d’Hérens

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Visit one of the most incredible geological curiosities in the Swiss Alps: the natural pyramids of Euseigne in the Val d'Hérens, Valais

Ferpècle and Mont Miné: a walk to the foot of the glaciers in Val d’Hérens

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Bucolic valley, typical hamlets of Val d'Hérens, dam & glacier, ...; hike to reach out and touch the Mont Miné and Ferpècle glaciers - part of federal inventory of alluvial sites of national importance

Inalpe: A Major Traditional Festival

The inalpe festival at Combyre is set to take place on Saturday 27 June. Take the opportunity to visit the Val d'Hérens in Valais!
Thyon, capitale mondiale du télémark | Dixence Resort

Thyon, World Capital of Telemark

Thyon will once again host the Telemark World Cup finals this winter. The event will be held from 19 to 21 March 2020 and more than 70 athletes from all over the world are expected in the Val d’Hérens for these 3 days of high-level competition.
Les Sources chaudes de Combioulaz en Valais, Suisse | Dixence Resort

Combioulaz Sources

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Visit Cambioulaz sources in Val d'Hérens: known for its healing and curative properties, the spring water is going to feed the thermal baths at Dixence Resort
Les gouilles d'Essertze, proches du complexe immobilier Dixence Resort en Valais, Suisse

The pools of Essertse

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Essertse is the name given to the high altitude plateau at over 2'300 m, situated at the foot of the peaks of the “Crêtes de Thyon”. This is a protected site that evolved over 13’000 years ago, and houses some of the highest peat bogs and wetlands in Europe with a unique natural habitat of rare plant and animal species.