Lac Bleu D'Arolla, proche du complexe de résidence Dixence Resort en Valais, Suisse

Lac bleu

There are many ways to reach Lac Bleu of Arolla (2090 m). The most popular is to start from  La Gouille and walk through the larch forest to le Louché. The most direct is to go straight up from Satarma. And the most buccolic is follow a path that contours around the mountain from Arolla . Whichever route you choose, you will be rewarded by a picture postcard view!
Barrage de la Grande Dixence en Valais, Suisse | Dixence Resort

The highest dam in the world

The Grande-Dixence dam is the highest gravity dam in the world, at 285m. Following the hydroelectric installation at the beginning of the 21st century, the water can be driven to the Dent de Nendaz turbined on the valley floor at  Bieudron around the clock.